• Mission & Vision

    “We believe that medical care is a basic human right that no individual should suffer or die just because he or she is too poor to pay for it.”

  • Management Committee

    We are purely a community initiative. Every four years about 1500 registered members elect volunteers that make up the Executive Committee.

  • History of CFC

    Our history dates back to Nepal’s first struggle for democracy in 1951. The ousted autocratic Rana rulers and their supporters terrorized the general public who formed neighbourhood watch groups to thwart the self-styled Khukuri Dal’s terror tactics. 

  • Awards

    The prestigious Tulsi Meher Social Service Award for 1996 by the Social Welfare Council, handed over by H.E. Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba.

    About Hospital

    The Chhatrapati Free Hospital

    Chhatrapati Free Hospital strives to change the current medical climate in Kathmandu by educating school children on health and sanitation issues. We have pioneered health care for the poor and we have expanded to become a 25 bed hospital. We are registered with the Government of Nepal and are also affiliated with Social Welfare Council.

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    Centres of Excellence

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